Yoga Stretches For The Gym



When we’re not sweating it out in a hot yoga class, we’re pumping it out at the gym! We love strength workouts because they help us to stay fit, manage a healthy weight and stay young! We love the gym so much (shout out to our home local, Noosa Anytime Fitness!) that we go five times per week, focusing on a different muscle group each time. However, away from the yoga studio, our yoga practice tends to follow us – even when we are doing squats and pumping iron! We find that certain yoga poses are fantastic for stretching out our tired muscles after a gym workout! So the next time you put your body through an intense strength session, make sure you follow up with some of our favourite gym yoga stretches!


Workout: Arms

Best yoga stretches:


-Reverse prayer




Workout: Leg Day!

Best yoga stretches:

-Forward Leg Stretch


-Recline bound Angle Pose (for opening up through the hips)

-Down dog




Workout: Core

Best yoga stretches:

-Upward facing dog

-recline belly twist



Workout: Cardio

Best yoga stretches:

 This really depends on what cardio workout we do. Generally we do not do cardio at the gym as we prefer to use yoga or outdoor workouts to get our cardio fitness. We find that after a good stretch, relaxing postures like child’s pose and savasana are great for getting the heart rate back down!


Stretching is so important! Staying flexible prevents injuries and keeps you younger for longer! This way, you can keep doing what you love! If you can’t make it to a yoga class, a home practice can be really effective, too! Check out our previous blog post on poses to include in your home sequence!



Mike & Suz 🙂

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