Yoga From The Perspective Of A 59-Year-Old Plumber

We always encourage the fact that yoga is for EVERYONE! It doesn’t matter about your age, gender, ability, flexibility or fitness levels, yoga can benefit you in some way. Whether it is fitness benefits or mindfulness you are looking for, yoga boast a huge list of improvements for your overall health. Despite this, yoga is often misinterpreted as something that is ‘just for girls’ or only for those with the snazziest new yoga tights. This is simply not true, which is why we love seeing students of all different shapes and sizes and from all different walks of life come into our PPHY studios! For example, meet Frank! Frank is a plumber from Adelaide and has always been super active and into his sports. Football, swimming, ice hockey, cycling – you name it, Frank has done it! Now he can add another favourite workout to his list – HOT YOGA! Looking for a way to strengthen his back, stay flexible and keep fit, Frank decided to give hot yoga a go – and now he loves it! This is what he had to say about the new workout in his life – and he even got some yoga snaps for us while travelling in Vietnam recently!




When did you start doing yoga?

About one year ago.

Why did you start to do hot yoga?

I wanted to lose some weight and trim up – plus my daughter wanted me to come and do it with her. I also have some back problems and I thought that it could help with that. I had a knee replacement a couple of years ago, so I hoped to get some more movement and range in that area.

What were your first impressions from your first class?

It was very hot and very hard! I thought it was going to be a hard workout and I wasn’t disappointed, but it is something that gets easier and you get used to it.




What is your favourite benefit of the practice?

Weight loss! I wanted to lose some weight and it has helped me to do that. Also flexibility – I always feel a bit taller when I walk out, it gives my spine a stretch!

What is your favourite pose?

Downward dog, which I used to find difficult but now I get a lot of relief from.

What is a pose you find difficult?

Pushups and the upward dog. There are some postures that I can’t do because of my knee, but I just do different versions of whatever the pose is. I just do what I can.

Do you feel that yoga helps to clear your mind and prevent anxiety/stress?

Yeah it does, but I prefer that it is a really good workout.

Will you continue to do yoga in the future?

Yes, definitely 🙂


Savasana by the sea 😉


Well done, Frank! Keep up the good work and thanks again for the awesome yoga snaps!

We believe that yoga is for everyone – just look at our testimonials page! Do you know someone who should come along to class?

See you on the mat!

Mike & Suz 🙂

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