Yoga For Mental Health

While yoga is often hailed for the physical benefits of the practice (increased fitness, improved flexibility, better digestion, clear skin, muscle building – we could go on all day!), many people do not realise the power that it has in regards to mental health.

Mental health is something that can affect anyone in so many different ways – and it can be a big issue if you or anyone you know experiences it. While there are a lot of grey areas and unknown causes for mental health issues, there are also lots of remedies that have been found to help – and one of the big ones is yoga!

Yoga is all about connecting the mind, body and breath. Using breath control and meditation with movement, a person can find inner peace, mindfulness and stress-relief through practicing yoga.


"Yoga helps us to connect first with ourselves, and then with others!"
“Yoga helps us to connect first with ourselves, and then with others!”


As people who live an active lifestyle, we know the value of getting the body moving when we are feeling down. Exercise is the most readily available and cheapest anti-depressant available, and yoga is the perfect place to start! Unlike vigorous workouts (think boot camp or a spin class) yoga is designed to challenge you, but also be practiced within your own capabilities and mood.



 “Through personal experience as well as teaching yoga to others, I have found that the practice encourages focus, calmness and a sense of self-belief…”


Practicing yoga is a personal experience, and it is up to you how much you challenge yourself, or decide to listen to your own body’s needs. Every day is different – and that is one of the beautiful things about yoga! Apart from the spiritual and emotional elements of a yoga practice, there is a physical element (come to a Peak Physique Hot Yoga class and you will find this out!), which is great because this increases endorphin production and lifts the mood – just like any physical activity.

We always feel better and more on track after moving our bodies, which is why we encourage everyone to get involved in the Port Loop Fun Run this year on Sunday 15th May. Grab your running or walking shoes and support a great cause! The day is going to be a whole heap of fun and will get you moving and breathing some fresh air! Plus, the event is raising awareness and funds for the mental health charity, Beyond Blue – a cause we are very proud to support!


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Get involved!

Mike, Suz & the PPHY team!

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