The Secrets Behind Yoga and Weight Loss

Why yoga does much more for weight loss than just burn calories
(and why burning calories is not enough...)

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We'll discuss how and why yoga should be an integral part of your weight loss strategy this year and for years to come.

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Through this webinar you’ll discover:

  • Findings of academic studies which show yoga reduces body weight
  • Why yoga really does represent significant physical activity
  • The role yoga plays in improving metabolic performance
  • How yoga prevents life threatening diseases such as diabetes


  • Why yoga increases mindfulness, confidence and happiness
  • The ways that yoga combats emotional and stress related eating
  • How yoga works in conjunction with calorie & sugar control
  • How yoga battles the stress, anxiety and self-consciousness that contributes to weight gain

The best options for learning yoga or yoga teacher training across, & reducing weight in the process

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About the Webinar Presenter, Dr. Stuart McGill, PhD:

Stuart McGillFounder and CEO of Book Yoga

  • A PhD in Economic Sciences (you’ll soon discover the relevance)
  • A yoga enthusiast practicing FOUR days a week for more than a decade
  • A renowned Australian yoga advocate actively teaching yoga in his native Melbourne
  • An advisor to Australian yoga studios nationwide, specialising in the structure and performance of beginner yoga programs
  • Researcher on the proven scientific and medical benefits of practicing yoga for weight loss and other benefits

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