Travel + Yoga

Practicing yoga while travelling is a great idea. It can keep you energised, flexible and happy throughout your adventures. It will also keep your mind clear and allow you to set intentions for your trip! So here are a few tips and ideas to keep your yoga practice up to scratch while you explore the world:




1. Bring your mat with you!

This might seem like a no-brainer, but doing yoga on a hard surface can be uncomfortable! When packing, lay your mat out in your suitcase, unrolled with the ends hanging out. Then, place a towel over the mat, and proceed to pack everything else. Once you are done, simply fold the ends of your mat in and zip it up!


2. Find a new place

One of the best part of travelling is that you get to see new and beautiful places, and one of the best parts of yoga is that you can do it anywhere! Beaches, mountain tops, grassy fields – suddenly the whole world is your yoga studio. Find somewhere more secluded and quiet for your best scenic routine.


3. Know your stuff

It is important that you know what you are doing before you practice on your own. Make sure you know each pose and routine before going solo to prevent injuries.  Keep it simple if you are unsure – sun salutations each morning are a great start!


4. Online classes

If you are a bit unsure about practicing without an instructor, the Internet has just become your best travel/yoga buddy. There are so many tutorials and virtual classes out there- and many of them are free! You can find some nifty little sequences and workouts on the PPHY YouTube channel!


5. Try a local yoga studio from your travel destination

Yoga studios are everywhere, and visiting one while travelling has lots of benefits. You will meet new people, perhaps try a new style of yoga and get a unique tourist experience.


6. Food and water are still important!

If you are practicing yoga while travelling, remember that your body will still need good nutrition and to keep hydrated! Making some healthy choices to compliment your yoga practice is a good idea – your body won’t like it if you are trying to do sun salutations on nothing but last nights burger and beers…


7. But in saying that…

A yoga routine can also help with any hangovers you may encounter on your travels – pesky things, they are!


8. Balance

If you are practicing yoga while travelling- that’s great, but remember that you are not travelling just to do yoga! Don’t let it influence your travel plans too much or you will miss your experiences! As with everything, travel and yoga are all about balance.



Bon Voyage!

Mike & Suz

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