Tips On Choosing Yoga Teacher Training Or Developing Your Own Yoga Business


Tips On Choosing Yoga Teacher Training Or Developing Your Own Yoga Business

Presented by Mike & Suzanna Calava, master trainers & owners of Peak Physique Hot Yoga
This is your chance to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Hot Yoga Teacher Training but haven’t had the opportunity to ask! Ask us about:

What yoga can do for your personal and professional growth?
What career opportunities are out there for yoga teachers?
How much do yoga teachers get paid?
At what age can I do hot yoga teacher training?
How good do I have to be at yoga before I can become a teacher?
Do my yoga postures have to be perfect in order to be a teacher?
Where can I teach yoga?
What is the Australian Alliance certification?
When can I start teaching yoga after I become certified?
How many students will you have at the hot yoga teacher training sessions?
What is the curriculum for the hot yoga teacher training?
What does the 200 hours consist of?
Why choose Peak Physique for Teacher Training?
What makes Peak Physique Teacher Training different from others in Australia?
What do you need in order to become a Peak Physique franchise owner?
Peak Physique plans for Asia Pacific Hot Yoga Growth
How Hot Yoga works together with Warm Yoga, and Yoga at room temperature
How you can be the change you want to see for yourself or our Asia / Pacific Region
Why yoga can be your path to bliss
How much yoga you need to do in order to get benefits for yourself or to be an effective trainer
The latest growth statistics on yoga in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan
and New Zealand
How the latest technology can be used in yoga classes to maximise skill development and make it
easier for you to teach


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85 minutes

In this webinar we’ll also discuss the Yoga Teacher Training Course Outline

The points below are the major sections of the Yoga Teacher Training curriculum. These are outlined in greater detail on another page of this site.

In this information night discussion with the founders and owners of Peak Physique, you will be able to hear them describe the content of each section in greater detail. You’ll also be able to ask any particular questions you may have about any part of that content.

You’ll notice in particular that the content below includes many areas that will provide you with great personal development. Many others do Hot Yoga Teacher Training just for the personal growth and motivation. When you see the content, you can understand why. You can’t be a high performing yoga teacher unless and until you work on yourself. In addition, over the centuries and millennia, yoga and mediation has been proven to be a path to self development.

The reason why yogis have a reputation for wisdom, is that because when you take this path less travelled, you get the learning and development as the direct “by-product” of the yoga and mediation that you do.

You’ll hear Mike and Suz speak on how this has happened for them personally and you will hear about how this has happened for many of their students.

Here’s the list of topics, please register now for more details:

Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle – includes History of Yoga, Sanskrit & Yogic Lifestyle
Anatomy & Yoga Physiology
Teaching Techniques Practice
Teaching Methodology
Practicum – here we teach a live yoga class and learn how to assist students
During elective hours we cover self development.

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The benefits of doing yoga teacher training with Peak Physique:

Peak Physique has worked hard to create a highly attractive Hot Yoga Teacher Training Program. The many extra benefits outlined below are designed to ensure you get excellent value for money, and can fit this whole Yoga Teacher training program, or Personal Development program, into a normal working lifestyle.

In particular this is the only yoga teacher training program where you can do an unlimited number of training days in Part One of the program. In Part One of the program, you can do any of 8 weekends in any of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide: or the intensive 4 day session immediately before Part Two.

Here’s what you get:

Earlybird Special – 30% OFF Hot Yoga teacher training (& extra discounts for webinar attendees)
Course fees by easy instalments
Low cost teacher training & franchise opportunities, with money back GUARANTEE
Choice of fast track training dates and locations during August – October 2016
Training in any or all of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast
Training on weekends and structured to fit with a working lifestyle
Attend a minimum of 13 training days, or as many as you like
Career employment opportunities
Training by Master Trainers
Training by Yoga Alliance Australia, a globally recognised certification authority
Open to domestic & international trainees
Opportunity to purchase a yoga studio franchise
Private consultation on hot yoga teacher training progress
6 months of free yoga classes at a Peak Physique studio (Currently Brisbane & Adelaide only)
Wide range of other add-on benefits

Our LIVE events always fill up ….. Book now to avoid disappointment.

Presented by Mike & Suz Calava: Owners of Peak Physique

Master Trainers and certified yoga teachers by Yoga Alliance Australia
Experienced & widely acknowledged teacher trainers
Both have an extensive history in the practice, learning and teaching how to become a yoga instructor
Have travelled the world to gain new experiences and have practiced many different styles of yoga
Experienced with Vinyasa, Hatha, Astanga, Power, Bikram, Barkan Method Hot Yoga, AcroYoga (partner yoga) and Hot Yoga
Are also completed Acro Vinyasa and Hot Yoga Teacher Training and are constantly expanding their knowledge of yoga benefits, skills and expertise to share with others
Have designed an effective business model to make yoga benefits readily available to the public at an affordable price

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