Sarah and Adrian


Prospect Studio

Adrian first tried hot yoga 3 years ago as a way of managing his pain and improving his flexibility related to a chronic hamstring injury from playing soccer for most of his life.
Initially, he found it quite challenging, with difficulty getting into many of the postures. Adrian has since increased the frequency of his practice and noticed dramatic improvements, not just in his flexibility and strength, but also in his overall sense of wellbeing. He has found the heat in hot yoga is particularly great for accentuating the many benefits, such as preventing injury, as well as improving focus and determination.

Working as a physiotherapist for the past 8 years he combined with hot yoga teacher training, he now has a high level of understanding of both the physiological benefits that yoga can provide to everyone, particularly in aiding recovery and preventing injuries, reducing stress and anxieties, and managing chronic pain. Adrian is passionate about encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle and improve their body, mind and spirit through yoga.

Sarah in her mid twenties despite leading a happy and fulfilling personal life found herself suffering from a number of health issues related to the stress and physical demands placed upon her in her professional life as a Dentist. She tried many forms of activity in search of something that was both a good physical workout and incorporated the aspects of mindfulness and relaxation. This eventually led her back to hot yoga, which she had first tried over 10 years earlier.

Sarah has since found hot yoga to be the perfect way to eliminate almost all the problems that busy men and women face. Especially stress management, maintaining focus and determination, reducing symptoms of IBS and neck shoulder and back pain as well as improving her overall physical fitness.

Sarah enjoys living a varied and adventurous life, travelling extensively with her husband Adrian and discovering and getting to know amazing people and places all over the world, experiencing all that nature has to offer including skiing, scuba diving and hiking.

Sarah has taught in a number of different settings tutoring dental students both here and in Cambodia, she has now been able to combine her teaching experience with yoga after completing the Peak Physique 200hr teacher training in 2015, and her aim is to install her passion and beliefs about the many benefits of hot yoga onto others whilst continuing with her yoga teaching studies in 2016.

Sarah and Adrian are now owners of their own Peak Physique studio in Prospect Adelaide since March 2016. They feel that the studio is a great way for the community to connect with each other over a positive experience. They strongly believe in the importance of keeping your mind and body healthy in order to get the most out of life. Over time, they plan to offer more classes and services, helping to bring yoga to as many people as possible.


Sarah and Adrian