Sunday 28th June- A recap!

A recap + some cool photos from our Hot 26 workshop and our FREE Teacher Training info session!

This past Sunday was an exciting one at the Peak Physique Hot Yoga Prospect studio. With the Hot 26 workshop on in the morning, and the free teacher training info session on in the afternoon, the Prospect studio saw lots of students with happy faces come in through its doors!



The Hot 26 workshop was a great way to kick off such a busy and proactive morning, with Suzanna and Mike teaching students the Hot 26 routine from a more in-depth perspective. Each pose from the routine was broken down to basics, so that students could learn the correct way to move through their practice. This closer look was beneficial for students, because it allowed them to detect ‘mistakes’ within their practice, and amend them to avoid injury. Partner and group work was also a part of the workshop, which was a great way for students to interact and meet other people from the growing Peak Physique Hot Yoga community. Suzanna instructed the flow and got the heart rates up by including a core exercise to the song ‘Sally Up’ (this song will forever make us cringe in fear now- but it was a great workout!). Mike gave points and tips for each pose and ended the workshop with a guided meditation, which made many of the students quite emotional, according to the after-class gossip!





After the workshop, it was time for tea and fruit, and many students stayed to attend the free teacher training info session in the afternoon.

The info session was a great opportunity for anyone who has ever considered becoming a Hot Yoga teacher. The session provided information about the Peak Physique Hot Yoga teacher training program, as well as exercises and examples of what is learnt while participating in the program. It gave people a chance to see what it would be like to do the teacher training program with Peak Physique Hot Yoga, as well as find out how this could benefit their relationships, career, health and overall lifestyle.


If you missed out this Sunday, not to worry! Peak Physique Hot Yoga runs monthly workshops- just keep an eye on our website and social media pages to find out what the next one will focus on!


If you are interested in the Peak Physique Hot Yoga teacher training program, click here for more information.



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