Sometimes, water just isn’t enough!!!

Do you ever feel dizzy or light-headed after a Hot Yoga class? You may need something more than just water to rehydrate yourself…


Sweat lots during Hot Yoga? Good! That’s what we want! However, what we don’t want is our bodies to become dehydrated or to lose too many electrolytes and minerals. While you may be replenishing your body with lots of water before and after Hot Yoga, this may also be contributing to valuable salts and potassium being flushed from the body, along with all the toxins. This is why you may sometimes feel dizzy, nauseous or light-headed after a Hot Yoga class.

While water is an absolutely necessary part of a healthy lifestyle, if you are sweating a lot from practicing Hot Yoga you may need more than just the good old H2O!  Sometimes we need a little extra help- and that’s where coconut water comes in!


Coconuts are valuable in every form- the flesh, oil, milk and water all have amazing health benefits. When it comes to restoring the mineral-rich fluids of the body, coconut water is one of the most natural ways to rehydrate!

If you haven’t tried coconut water yet- you really should! At first, it can be a strange taste- rich, slightly sweet with a faint metallic after-taste. It is important to make sure you are drinking 100% coconut water with no additives, as some brands of coconut water include a lot of added sugar!

Coconut water is hydrating and highly refreshing- something to treat yourself with after working so hard during your practice. While water will quench your thirst, coconut water will do the same while also restoring your body of essential minerals and energy levels. Coconut water is available for purchase at all of the Peak Physique Hot Yoga studios, so the next time you are feeling parched after a session on the mat, why not try it for yourself (and your body)!?

Purchase a Coconut water at your next class at Prospect or Seaton for just $4!!!!


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