A high school teacher, a fitness fan and a regular face at the Seaton studio, Jess is the definition of consistency and dedication when it comes to hot yoga! With a background in sports and fitness, she has found hot yoga to be a form of relief for injuries and a way to stay fit and healthy! Well done Jess, you are the Seaton studio’s student of the month!




  1. How long have you been practicing yoga at PPHY?

I think almost 3 years.


  1. What keeps you coming back?

The whole experience- the hot room, friendly and brilliant instructors and the lovely people who like to practice, just like me!


  1. What is your favourite pose and why?

Bird of Paradise- it looks pretty speccie!


  1. What does your yoga practice mean to you?

I look forward to my yoga like I have never looked forward to exercise before. I used to run and gym nearly everyday but I  developed a disc bulge 13 years ago. I tried to continue to maintain a fairly strict routine but would continue to have debilitating flare ups. After having two kids and still struggling with the pain I decided to give up the gym and the running and devote myself to my yoga practice. Now I practice 4 times a week and I have never felt stronger or been so happy with my shape.


  1. Which classes do you enjoy the most?

I love vinyasa with Prag and Charlton and I love blend with Luciana and Hayley and I’ve done a couple of Aimee’s classes lately and she gives me a brilliant workout also! ….And now with Ryu’s masterclass on a Thursday night – OMG!!! But I’ve been told by all the ‘old’ yogis to keep this amazing class on the down low! 😉 We really are very spoilt at Seaton!


  1. Do you do any other workouts/sports? If so, how has yoga helped?

Nope I’ve ditched them all in favour of Hot Yoga! I would practice everyday if I could!


  1. What is your favourite meal to refuel after a sweaty hot yoga session?

I really don’t like to eat a meal after class but I do crave salt and sparkling water! So I’m a bit of a snacker! 😛  I also don’t mind an Isagenics chocolate and vanilla protein shake.




Well done Jess, we’re sure we will see you in the studio (as usual) very soon 😉


The PPHY team 

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