Pose Of The Week: Crescent Lunge

Crescent lunge is renowned for getting the heart rate up – and anyone who has done a Hot26 class at PPHY will know what it’s all about! Crescent lunge is usually part of a Vinyasa flow, and is one of the more strenuous poses of the lunge series. It requires strength, determination and focus and it works every muscle in the body – especially the thighs! Providing an awesome workout for both the body and the mind, this pose is great for building muscle tone while increasing your motivation and determination levels!



Stretches through the thigh muscles

Improves kidney and liver function

Lengthens the hip flexors

Relives lower back pain

Helps with anxiety and stress

Relieves sciatica

Increases mental clarity


Common mistakes:

Front knee pushing too far forward, instead of being stacked on top of the foot

Leaning too far forward or too far back with the torso


Instructions (puppy not necessary!): 



Starting in downward facing dog, inhale and sweep the right leg up behind you, enaging the glutes and core




On an exhale, move from the core and push the right leg forward, placing the right foot between the hands. Keep the back left foot on the toes.




On an inhale, engage the core and lift through up through the torso, following with the arms until they are pointing straight up, bicepts by the ears




On an exhale, relax the shoulders (keeping the arms up, palms either facing each other or forwards) and sink into the lunge with control. The front thigh should aim to be parallel to the floor, with the left knee bent and hovering just over the mat. Ensure that the front knee is stacked over the front foot. Option: bring the left knee to the mat, still bracing through the core and thighs.


Option: bring the left knee to the ground for support
Option: bring the left knee to the ground for support

Ensure the hips are level, facing forwards and that the back is straight with the shoulders directly stacked over the hips.

Hold this pose for 10 breaths, focusing on staying strong through the pose and the mind.

To release, on an exhale tilt from the hips, lowing the torso and bringing the palms down to the mat on both sides of the front foot. Engage through the core and step the right foot back to downward facing dog.



Repeat on the left side.


Get that heart rate up and your mind FOCUSED! This pose is designed to get things DONE!

Mike, Suz and the PPHY Team 🙂


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