Pose Of The Week: Chaturanga Pushups



…the word is enough to make your triceps shiver in fear! If you’re a frequent yoga mat-dweller you are more than likely VERY AWARE of this pose! Apart from offering a cardio element to a sequence or flow, this pose is a strenuous workout for the core and upper torso. Toned arms? Check. Strong core? Tick. Gun show? You bet! If you’re looking to get those toned, muscular ‘yoga arms,’ this pose is where it’s at!



“I do a lot of work on my arms with weights at the gym, and I find that Chaturanga pushups are just as effective because they use your body weight to build strength! That’s why they are a big part of the exercises we do in our detox guide!”



Improved upper body strength

Builds muscle

Tones the arms, core and legs

Cardio and strength workout

Connects mind, body and breath

Builds focus and determination

Challenging way to intensify a sequence


Common mistakes:

Elbows pointing outwards instead of tucked close to the body

Hand placement too wide or too narrow

Back/spine/neck not in a straight line



Start in plank pose (click here for set up)


Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.39.07 pm


Option: drop your knees to the floor, otherwise stay on your toes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.39.18 pm


Create a straight line from your ankles all the way up to your shoulders. Push the heels back, engage the legs and core and look straight down to the floor, keeping the neck inline with the spine.

On an exhale, lower the body down to hover just above the ground by keeping the elbows hugged close to the body and bending them to point behind you (think of grasshopper legs!). It is important that the elbows do not point outwards and that the hands are placed directly beneath the shoulders.

On an inhale, push the hands into the mat to straighten the arms, keeping the body and spine straight.

Repeat 3 times, moving down with an exhale and up with an inhale.


You can increase your repeats when you feel strong enough to do more, remembering that you can lower your knees to the ground until you build enough strength. Technique is more important than repetitions!


Mike & Suz 🙂

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