On Air with Mike & Suz Podcast

On Air with Mike & Suz covers topics including health, posture correction, mindset, positive affirmations, yogic living and everything in between! These podcasts have been created to help you increase your yogic knowledge and practice – and the best part? They’re completely FREE!

The podcasts are part of our revamped teacher training program. We’ve put a lot of work into making sure that our teacher training programs are more accessible, convenient and opportunistic than ever before! Learn more about teacher training here.

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The Top Secrets to a Good Nights Sleep

Discover the top secrets to having a good nights sleep.

Andrea Richardson from Cooling Habits

Mike & Suz chat with Andrea Richardson from Cooling Habits.

Freedom of becoming a Yoga Instructor

In this podcast the owners of Peak Physique Hot Yoga, Mike and Suz, talk about the freedom of becoming a yoga instructor and how you can travel the world for free teaching yoga!

Our Story with Mike & Suz

Mike & Suz share their background, the impact Yoga has had in their lives and why they love the freedom of being yoga teachers.

12 Steps to a successful Yoga Business

What does it take to run a successful yoga business? Mike and Suz share what they have learnt as the owners of the Peak Physique franchise.

Step 1 – Learning Key Yoga Poses

In this podcast Mike & Suz cover why understanding the 26 key Yoga poses is so important when it comes to teacher training.

Step 2 – Mindset to Become an Entrepreneur

Mike & Suz cover Mindset and what it takes to become an entrepreneur in the Yoga space. They share their personal journey of confronting fear head on and how they stay motivated as Yoga studio owners.

Step 3 – Styles of Yoga that work best for teaching

Mike & Suz talk about the styles of Yoga that work best for teaching and what you need to consider when running Yoga programs in your studio.

Step 4 – Location

Location is everything and in this podcast Mike & Suz share their insider secrets on what you need to consider when choosing the right location for your Yoga studio.

Step 5 – Learn about Business

Planning, team development, marketing, budgeting, financial management, retention and mindset are all key elements of business management. Mike & Suz talk about why learning about business is so important to the ongoing success of your yoga business.

Step 6 – Learn Franchising

Mike & Suz talk about the option of a small business franchise as a short cut to your career as a successful yoga instructor and studio owner.

Step 7 – Digital Marketing Strategies

Mike & Suz discuss the importance of digital marketing for yoga teachers to connect with their target audience and to build a successful yoga practice.

Step 8 – Personal Branding

Becoming a successful hot yoga instructor is more than just knowing the right Yoga poses. Mike & Suz talk about the importance of building a personal brand and making a connection with your audience, both offline and online.

Step 9 – Mentoring

Getting a mentor to guide you on your business journey is a critical step in running a modern day Yoga studio. Mike & Suz discuss why it is important and the difference a mentor in franchising has made in their life and business.

Step 10 – Building Retention

Mike & Suz discuss what it takes to keep your students coming back and why retention is so important to the long term successful of your yoga studio.

Step 11 – The Right Systems

Mike & Suz discuss why systems plays such a critical part of your Yoga business.

Step 12 – Adding additional services

In this podcast Mike & Suz talk about introducing related services and adding value to your yoga studios members.