Other Ways To Meditate (Besides Yoga!)

Meditation means different things for different people, and it can come in so many forms. For some people, meditation can be found in a state of peace and ambience. For others, they may find it in the height of an intense workout. For us, it’s a bit of both!


“If I am focusing on ONE thing, I feel that I am in a state of meditation. Having no distractions and focusing my mind on one activity or process is very fulfilling for me. For example, when we rock climbed Mt Tibrogogan (a very extreme rock climb!), to us this was meditating. We were solely focusing on what we were doing and nothing else. When we reached top of the mountain our minds felt clear and calm! I get a similar meditative feeling from cooking because I am really focused on it and I find it therapeutic. When I want a more chilled, peaceful form of meditation, I find that laying at the beach listening to the waves works really well!”


meditate 1



“When I am at the gym there are a lot of distractions and people around. My focus goes on and off and loud noises distract me. In between the actual exercises I am focused but I do not feel I get to that meditative point like I do with yoga. For this reason, yoga is my favourite form of meditation, but I definitely feel clear and focused after an intense gym workout as well.”


meditate 2


We had a chat to our friends and families about how they like to meditate. Some referred to it as ‘zoning out’ or having ‘me’ time. No matter what you call it, we believe that finding your own form of meditation (in or out of the yoga studio) is so important for your mental wellbeing! Here are some popular ones to experiment with:






listening to music

writing a journal

laying down for a set amount of time with eyes closed


knitting (or anything else crafty)

enjoying a cup of tea

having quiet time

walking the dog

spending quiet time with a loved one


meditate 3


Find what calms your mind and then set a goal to do this every day – we guarantee your happiness levels will thank you for it!

Mike & Suz 🙂


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