My Hot Yoga Teacher Training: 8 tips for regular practice

You know what they say- consistency is key! Here’s how to make consistency a little easier…

I could write a blog post about all the qualities that I have needed (or have had to work on) in order to get this far in my training- determination, focus, confidence- you know the drill! However, I have a more practical, hands-on post to write! Because although I have needed a lot of self-discipline to get to where I am, I have found some helpful strategies and products along the way.

This post will be beneficial for anyone who wants to do a LOT of hot yoga- as in more than 5 classes per week (because that is what us teacher trainees have been working through every.darn.week!). Yes, it has been a challenge and yes, I have seen some amazing results- clear skin, weight-loss, a happier mood, more muscle, decreased appetite and FLEXIBILITY (oh yes, that is a big one!). So here they are- my 8 tips for (very) regular Hot Yoga practice:




1. Water + Lemon + Himalayan Salt

I remember when I did one of the Peak Physique Hot Yoga 30-day challenges, and I kept feeling dizzy during and after class, despite drinking bucket loads of water. What I didn’t know was that while drinking lots of water keeps the body hydrated, it also flushes out minerals and electrolytes. I’m not a fan of packaged supplements, so I did some research and found that this combo works similar to a sports drink (without the sugar and additives). It has worked for me perfectly- I never feel dizzy now, no matter how much Hot Yoga I do!



2. (Speaking of Himalayan salt) Salt baths

When doing any large amount of physical exercise, our poor muscles can get a bit tired and sore. I have been having a salt bath every couple of nights- perhaps for the calming benefits more than anything! My muscles always feel much better afterwards and I always have a b-e-a-u-tiful sleep following one of these heavenly soaks! I prefer ‘Ring Around The Rosie’ bath soak from Adelaide vegan bath product connoisseurs, Oh Deer Sugar. It is a blend of Himalayan salt and rose petals…so obviously it is heaven after a long day of Hot Yoga!




3. Clean diet

I will firstly take this opportunity to say that I am no saint (I may or may not have come to training with a slight hangover last weekend) and I am not here to tell everyone how to eat. However, I have found that a clean diet free from packaged foods has really helped me keep my energy levels up. I try to keep it balanced and healthy and I am really feeling the difference.




4. Headbands

As I mentioned in a previous post, I suffered from a pretty dreadful ear infection just before my Teacher Training began. As my teacher told me, Hot Yoga can sometimes be the cause of these due to the warm environment and all the sweating that goes on during class. To combat this, I needed to buy a few headbands (or a lot of them- any excuse to shop!). I found a decent supply from Trashville Boutique on Jetty Street in Largs Bay- cheap and trendy headbands are now my latest Hot Yoga accessory!




5. Teas, teas, teas

Herbal teas have been my savior- especially when there are less than 2 hours before a class (no eating during this time!) and I’m bored of water. There are so many delicious teas to choose from. One of my favourites is the Peppermint blend from Tbar– so calming and not bad on digestion either!




6. Running

I always like to keep my running up- even if it isn’t really necessary when I am already working out so much through Hot Yoga. For me, it is important to mix it up a bit and to step away from my focus sometimes. Plus, with all this extra flexibility, it would be a shame not to!




7. Essential oils

In baths, in teas, straight on the skin- I am a lover of essential oils. I have upped my usage of them during the Teacher Training program because I feel that many of them help with things like digestion, sleeping, calming and balancing. I use DoTerra Essential Oils, for their purity. (Please note: many essential oils are synthetic and unsafe to ingest, so make sure you read the labels!)

8. Night-time yoga

You might think that I would be all yoga’d-out by the time it is time for me to hit the pillow. But with all the studying, reciting and nerve-racking little tests and exams we have been doing, I find that my mind is racing when it is time for bed. So, I have been going through a few little stretches and down-ward dogs next to my bed each night, and I have been sleeping like a little hot yoga baby.



And that’s it, folks! My little savior list! Look out for my next blog post as the teacher trainees get further into the third week of training!



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    The Yoga teacher training was most fantastic experience in my life, at the first time I felt shy to approach to teachers, but the teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and had a personal approach to every individual student. Their passion made this program an outstanding experience for me. 

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