Lemons VS Limes

The battle between these two citrus fruits is not a sour one (excuse the pun!) with both being very similar in nutritional values. While Lemons are a slightly richer source of Vitamin C and Folate, Limes are not far behind in this respect. Health-wise, the two fruits are very similar and differ more in taste than anything else. Both have loads of benefits and uses, which is why we make them a staple in our cooking and diets!


“…Like many of our lifestyle choices, drinking warm lemon water in the morning is an Ayurvedic practice, used for stimulating digestion and ridding the body of toxins. A good start to any day!…”




We also like to mix things up by including lemons and limes in our juices and smoothies (there are plenty of examples in our 21 Day Detox Guide!) and we find that they are a healthy way of adding flavor and zing to our meals! Because they are something that we consume regularly, it is good to know that they have the following health and medicinal properties:


Improved liver function

Lemons and limes help to purify and stimulate the liver, so add some juice to a bottle of water after a big weekend! 😉



Both of these nifty little citrus fruits are high in potassium, meaning they are good for anxiety, depression, stress and heart function



Surrounded by people sniffing and coughing? Up your lemon/lime intake! They both fight infections and can also nurse you back to good health if you do become infected. A good tip to keep in mind as the cooler months roll in!



Similar to our own natural digestive enzymes, lemon and lime juice help to relieve bloating, gut pains and many other digestive issues.



Highly alkalizing, lemons and limes help with many inflammatory disorders such as arthritis.


Skin benefits

The consumption of both fruits have been known to improve the PH balance in the body, leading to clearer skin. The peels can also be rubbed gently on the skin to add moisture to dry skin.

Now, who has a lemon or lime tree that we can raid!?


Mike & Suz


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