#hotyogalyf : 11 thoughts we all have during a hot yoga class…


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We take our yoga practice very seriously… but then we don’t! While yoga is a huge part of our lives and something we credit for our healthy and driven lifestyles, we also like to have fun with it!


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“Yoga is seriously good… but that doesn’t mean it has to be so serious! Have some fun with it. Especially while practicing our AcroVinyasa sequences, Mike and I are always laughing at ourselves and enjoying our practice!”


Yoga is about connecting the mind, body and spirit and that it is an excellent form of meditation, however, we know that this isn’t always the case!



“I think that sometimes people get frustrated when they cannot clear their mind during a yoga class. This can be for all sorts of reasons and it changes from day to day. While being mindful during class is a great goal, don’t get upset with yourself if you can’t seem to focus on some days. Just go with it and enjoy yourself!”


We use yoga for mindfulness and encourage it in our studios, but we know that our minds are powerful and tricky things – with ideas of their own! Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? They sure do to us!


  1. “Why did I think that lasange was a good choice for lunch today?”


  1. “Geez… I really need a pedicure…”


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  1. “Is my NEW crop top see-through already!!??? Someone needs to invent washing-machine-proof cotton! Or perhaps just hot yoga proof?”


  1. “Did I forget to wear deodorant? Let me check… yep.”


  1. *during happy baby pose* “Well. Now I just feel stupid. But strangely giggly…”


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  1. * during savasana * “What time is that work meeting tomorrow? I wonder if Barry will be there? If he is I have to remember to tell him about that new tv show.. I wonder if – DAMN! Shut up, mind! I am trying to get my savasana on here!”


  1. “Why is my left side not cooperating today? Is it TRYING to upset me?”


  1. * during any forward folding pose * “Eeek… I just made eye contact with someone… I hope they don’t think I was looking at their butt. I swear I wasn’t!”


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  1. “Are my eyeballs sweating? I swear my eyeballs are sweating! Is that normal? Heeeellllpppp….!?”


  1. “Why does my sweat smell weird? Is that how my sweat always smells? Or is the universe sending me messages that it is time to get a new yoga mat?


  1. “I am beginning to realise that this yoga instructor is in fact…Satan. If she tells me to hold for one more second, I swear…”


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Remember to challenge yourself, listen to your body and mind… and have fun!


Mike & Suz 🙂


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