Health Movement Mind

Health Movement Mind

Mike & Suz Calava, co-founders of Peak Physique Hot Yoga, invite you to their Health Movement Mind event.

Become healthier and better understand your body. Allow yourself to live longer, feel stronger and younger. We will give you the right plan and insight of these possibilities. Once you harness the energy from our yoga class, we will ask you the right questions to deliver the answers you have been seeking.
See the true potential of your capabilities with your yoga practice. Understand your boundaries and how you can continue to improve your skill level. We will push your levels to new horizons, giving you the attention that you require. Our Master Yoga Practitioners Mike & Suz, and teachers, will be there to assist you with every posture delivered.

Sometimes we complicate things - we bring your thoughts back to simplistic rationale, allowing you to approach life with ease. We will show you how the impossible is really "I’m possible".
Our Health Movement Mind event will give you a chance to connect with like minded individuals, teachers and franchise owners of Peak Physique. We look forward to meeting you! Do something new, do something fresh, feel inspired again!

Bring you and your mat!

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