Getting on with your healthy life… after being not-so-healthy!

While keeping healthy and fit is a HUGE priority for us, we know that sometimes life can get a little tricky in this respect. Social occasions, long weekends (hello, Easter!), events and parties can all get in the way of a healthy routine. It is important to remember that these things are a GOOD part of life – they are the times that we spend with family and friends, make memories and enjoy ourselves.



“There’s nothing like a plate of ‘Mikey’s special pasta!’ This is my ultimate indulgence and even if I don’t have it often… sometimes it just has to be done!”


We shouldn’t beat ourselves up for making unhealthy choices once in a while (too many Easter eggs, perhaps?). The important thing is that we pick ourselves up and get on with our healthy lifestyles, rather than getting upset about what we have done in the past.



“My ultimate indulgence is… CHOCOLATE! OMG chocolate! I like to have healthy alternatives to this but I know that once in a while nothing will do but the real thing!”




So if you are feeling a little bit defeated after the Easter break, here are our top 10 tips for getting back on the health bandwagon!


  1. Forgive yourself (and smile!)

So you ate some chocolate? That’s ok! Time to work it off! Rather than dwelling on it, forgive yourself and fill your head with positive thoughts!


  1. Ease back into it

After eating too much of anything (especially chocolate!) it is normal to feel a bit sluggish. Don’t feel bad about this – just do SOMETHING about it. If you know you can’t bring yourself to do a really tough workout, do something a little easier. It is better than doing nothing and your mind is probably the only thing holding you back! Once you get going, you will find that drive again!


  1. Go for a walk

Walking helps with digestion and the metabolism – especially if you walk before brekky! It also helps to clear and calm the mind, which is good for when you are trying to reset your routine.


  1. Peppermint tea

Peppermint helps with digestion and can help you to feel refreshed. Peppermint oil is also a good option.


  1. Drink lots of water

Rehydrate and flush out any toxins/waste!


  1. Hot yoga

OBVIOUSLY this is our go-to when it comes to resetting the body and mind. Time to sweat off those easter eggs 😉


  1. Get a good sleep

Giving yourself a good night of sleep will help you to relax and refocus on your goals, ready for the catch-up week ahead!


  1. EAT!

Lots of people avoid food after eating too much. This is a bad idea because the metabolism slows right down when we aren’t feeding ourselves regularly. Have a smoothie or a nutritious, fresh meal. Something light and satisfying to get things going again!


  1. Drink a green smoothie/juice

A great way to get extra greens in, these are also full of fiber, nutrients and minerals. Plus, they are easy to digest!


  1. Have a laugh

Don’t beat yourself up for enjoying life – life is there to be enjoyed, experienced and tasted! Always aim for balance and consistency – not perfection!


Use these tips and tricks and you will be back in the swing of things before you know it! Remember to keep moving, eat well and stay positive!

Mike & Suz 🙂

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