Eat Local, Eat Fresh, Eat Organic!

The title of this blog is made up of words to live by (or eat by, in our opinion!). We like to buy our produce from local fruit and veg shops, rather than supermarkets, because this supports local businesses – just like us! It also makes it easier to select fresh, organic produce!


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Because we travel so much with our work and lifestyles, we have a few favourite ‘locals’ that we like to visit when we need to stock up on fresh goodness:

The Farmers Markets at the Adelaide show groundsAdelaide

(Of course! Suz’s Dad’ is the CEO of The Royal Adelaide Show and he came up with the idea for these markets! Good stuff, Dad!)

Belmondos Organic – Noosa

Sourced Grocer – Brisbane

The Adelaide Central Markets – Adelaide

Marion Road – Adelaide

(Every Saturday & Sunday a local Greek lady sells her fruit and veg from Riverland! Cute!)

DAC Organic Market Playa Del Carmen


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When it comes to finding fresh food (and especially organic food) while travelling, it can take a bit of research. We often Google search the different areas that we are in, to find out where we can get our produce. Trip Advisor is also really handy when it comes to seeking out healthy spots to eat! It’s all about planning, being proactive and prioritising our health – no matter where we find ourselves!





Mike & Suz 🙂



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