Discover what science is showing about the impact of yoga on the immune system


Discover what science is showing about the impact of yoga on the immune system

Presented by Annette Loudon MMed Sc
Transform the world and it’s health with Yoga

Latest research on health impact of yoga
How a dysfunctional immune system interrupts your health and happiness
Top Australian yoga therapist speaks on the latest research on how yoga maximises health, the many benefits of yoga, and the particular example of the immune system
Learn how yogic learning interacts with the latest medical science
Info on how you can, as a yoga teacher, help transform the health and well-being of the world
Based on science… new and ancient
Extra discounts off yoga teacher training for webinar attendees
How yoga can be your path to bliss ….. see more next section
You can change the world via yoga
Plus do more yoga by teaching yoga. Change yourself, and the world.

Yoga research is increasingly supporting anecdotal evidence of its possible health benefits of yoga including those with allergic and immune disorders. Learn more about how yoga can transform the world and our health issues.

How Yoga Can Be Your Pathway To Bliss

How your immune system helps or hinders your access to bliss
The layers (koshas) of who we are: at physical, energy, mental, intellectual, & bliss levels
The role of the immune system in reaching the bliss level or not
Why, with a good immune system, we can access the bliss level
How our environment affects our immune system, our health, and our stress levels
The fight or flight response, & how it can get distorted, dysfuntional & stuck
The connection of the brain with the heart and other key body systems
How yoga, by working on heart, kidney & other organs, impacts the brain
What is a healthy stress response
What is a dysfunctional immune system, and how yoga & the environment can impact it
Why we are seeing more stress fluctuations, and sometimes get stuck on bad stress responses
Why some people are more likely to “lose it”, and the role of stress
Why you get inflammation, puffiness, and cell death from stress
How and why stress gets you to a point of “flying off the handle”
What yoga can do for stress reduction, including the impact even at bone level
How our yoga practice works are all the five layers (koshas)… physical, mental, energy, bliss etc…
How you can improve your brain pathways, heart rate variance, happiness, & socialisation

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Presented by Annette Loudon MMed Sc

Former President of the Australasian Association of Yoga Therapists
Annette holds a 25-year yoga teaching career dedicated to the benefits of yoga in a therapeutic way as well as teaching general yoga classes
She has worked with people living with most types of immune disorders including those with a disrupted lymphatic system for which she holds a Masters degree by research with several peer-reviewed publications
She believes there are many benefits of yoga, with its integrated and varied practices. Yoga can be of benefit for those with existing immune disorders and also in maintaining a healthy immune system
She has seen proof over her career that yoga can enable each individual to develop to their potential irrespective of their condition
Annette also holds a range of qualifications and professional experience in fitness, exercise science, Pilates, massage, leadership and management, education and teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Presented by Mike & Suz Calava: Owners of Peak Physique

Master Trainers and certified yoga teachers by Yoga Alliance Australia
Experienced & widely acknowledged teacher trainers
Both have an extensive history in the practice, learning and teaching how to become a yoga instructor
Have travelled the world to gain new experiences and have practiced many different styles of yoga
Experienced with Vinyasa, Hatha, Astanga, Power, Bikram, Barkan Method Hot Yoga, AcroYoga (partner yoga) and Hot Yoga
Are also completed Acro Vinyasa and Hot Yoga Teacher Training and are constantly expanding their knowledge of yoga benefits, skills and expertise to share with others
Have designed an effective business model to make yoga benefits readily available to the public at an affordable price

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