Create A Yogic Office Space

Owning our own businesses means that we can work from home – or anywhere else in the world! As long as we have internet connection, we can work and share our journey with others. Through our own careers, we have met so many like-minded people who have also found a way to work from their laptops, which we think is really cool because it is going against the normal nine-to-five daily grind.

With so many people working hard to design the lives they want, we thought we would do a little blog about how to create a yogic office space! When there is a LOT of work to do (like everyday, for us!) here is what get’s us going!


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Work outside:

If you can (and the weather permits) find a place to work outside. The fresh air and natural light will keep you feeling fresh and energised, rather than feeling like you are chained to your laptop or office!




Keep your desk clean

Clarity is power! Keep your workspace clear, clean and inviting – this makes it so much easier to sit down and start work!


Keep your yoga mat nearby!

If you are working from home, unroll your yoga mat on the floor next to you. This will remind you to move and stretch every 30 minutes, and help you to keep a daily practice as part of your routine.


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Freshen the air with a desk plant

Having a few pot plants and succulents can really help on the days where you have to work indoors. They help to filter and cleanse the air – plus they look pretty, creating a nice environment for you to get stuff done in!


Add some ambience

Candles, essential oils and incense will add a mood to your workspace and can help to keep your energised and in the zone!


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ALWAYS have a water bottle within reach

As hot yoga enthusiasts, we are never far from our water bottles! Keep one on your desk to remind you to rehydrate!



Above all, create a space that inspires you and allows you to produce your best work!

Get to it!

Mike & Suz 🙂


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