Launch Special” Peak Physique Hot Yoga Bulimba!

Peak Physique’s leading fitness based yoga brand is launching in Bulimba, take advantage of our $26 $12/week Unlimited Hot Yoga Package and you will get access to unlimited signature classes led by top quality assured Peak Physique qualified instructors.

We offer 7 days satisfaction guarantee, so if you don’t like the practice, you can cancel your membership!


This is a foundational Package which means you will have this package for LIFE at this pre-launch special! Hurry up and subscribe now to secure the deal of Unlimited Yoga for just $12/week!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the classes help me get in shape?

The classes are of a fitness-based style and require strength and balance. This means you will be using all of your major muscle groups to perform the poses. Many people find that they do become stronger and more toned through a consistent yoga practice.

What if I am not flexible?

Yoga is an individual experience designed to help YOU become stronger and more flexible. Everyone starts from a different place so begin from wherever you are, and that is perfect!

What if I’ve never done yoga before?

All of our classes are beginner friendly so you can feel comfortable coming to any class. Though we do recommend Hot Physique as a beginner and as you become a life long family member we welcome you to the challenges of our various signature classes.

Locate us

Peak Physique Hot Yoga Bulimba is a friendly, supportive and inclusive practice, offering a wide range of Hot Yoga classes.

The studio is situated at 50 Taylor Street, Bulimba, QLD 4171.

At Peak Physique Hot Yoga Bulimba, we’re advocates of the Hot Yoga lifestyle and its amazing health benefits. We teach many styles of Hot Yoga, including Hot Blend, Hot Physique, Hot Power and Warm Physique.

If you have any questions, or need help in signing up this package, please contact us at or 0422309210

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