Beach Yoga

Beach yoga – the words are like music to the ears of any dedicated yogi or outdoorsy type! We have to admit that the beach is our special place. No matter where we travel to around the world, we always stay close to the beach because it is something that we both love. The sand, the sun and the fresh air are what really gets us in our zone!




If you want get flexi on your towel next time you are at the beach, here are a few pointers that we have learned on our many yogi beach adventures!


-Sun salutations are always a great way to warm up – especially if you have a sunrise or sunset to work with (photo-opp alert!)

-Balancing stick is a good one to do when working on balance. The sand and the wind can turn this pose into a real challenge, and helps you to focus on balance and calming your mind.




-If you’re with a partner, practice your headstands! The sand makes for a soft crash-zone and a comfortable place to work from. (Mike: “Just be careful that you don’t flick sand into your partner’s eyes on the way up… like Suz does to me EVERY time! Haha!”)

-Remember to bring a big bottle of water to stay hydrated (and perhaps some watermelon or coconut water in a cooler for snacks!)

-Be sun smart!


We consider the beach to be our ‘spiritual place’ and love seeing the different beaches of the world. Some of our favourites have been White Sand Beach on Boracay Island, Paradise Antigua and Waikiki!


Yoga + Beaches = a very happy Mike & Suz!



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