Another Dedicated PPHY Student: Meet Judy!


We love hearing the success stories of our students! So many of you report improvements in your flexibility, fitness and health- and we couldn’t be prouder! Take Judy, for example, a regular student at our Marion studio, who likes to use Hot Yoga to compliment her running and cycling. She also enhances her practice by bringing her own essential oils to class- we bet those classes always smell nice! Here is what Judy has to say about her yoga practice with Peak Physique Hot Yoga:


How long have you been practicing yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for about 5 years consistently. Before that, I just practiced every now and then.


judy 1


How long have you been practicing with Peak Physique Hot Yoga?

I have been practicing at Peak Physique Hot Yoga Marion from their first class on opening day.


Is Hot Yoga the only form of yoga your practice?

I also have some downloads of Yoga from Charlotte Dodson that I sometimes do at home.


Do you do any sports/other forms of exercise? If so, how does yoga help with this?

I also run a couple of times a week (but at the moment have a knee injury so only walking until it has healed). I try to ride my bike along bike paths.


How have you felt since practicing with Peak Physique Hot Yoga

Yoga helps me to keep flexible but I also love the philosophy behind yoga. I wear DoTerra Essential Oils on my body to enhance my practice. Sometimes Frankincense, another oils Balance to ground me and an oil to open my airways, or have lemongrass on my injured knee.


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What results have you had from your yoga practice?

I love the detoxing with the infrared heat. I love listening to the benefits of each pose on our body. I am enjoying all the different instructors at Peak Physique Hot Yoga. I have also experienced Thai Yoga Massage thru Vani which I love.


What do you love most about your local Peak Physique Hot Yoga studio?

I love the fact the studio is only a 5 minute drive from home. I have met several people with whom I used to see at different Gyms in my earlier days (I have just turned 60). My old yoga instructor from Marion Aquatic center is also attending classes at Peak Physique Hot Yoga as part of her practice. I love the flexibility of the time slots.


How do you feel after a Peak Physique Hot Yoga class?

I am an early morning person therefore 6am or 9.15 classes are great for me. I find in the early classes, I start to sweat as a slower pace, which I find easier to connect with my breathing and then after the class I feel great. The nighttime classes, as they are busier, I seem to sweat at a more intense level and then my breathing can become erratic. I am trying to build from 3 classes per week to 4 then to 5


Well done Judy! Keep up the great work!


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