6 ways yoga can help you achieve your goals for 2016- no matter what they are!

new years eve


Whether you are familiar with yoga or a newbie, it is no secret that the practice boasts a long list of benefits that tick many different boxes. Mindfulness, flexibility, fitness, health, well-being, spiritual awareness, a detoxified body- the list really does go on!

So, how can yoga help you to achieve your goals in 2016? No matter what objectives you have jotted down in that new 2016 planner, we believe that yoga can help you in every aspect.

Why do we believe this? Because it has helped us! We use yoga in so many different ways- to keep fit, to stay focused, to love ourselves and to reflect what we want out of life through our practice.

new years eve
Because yoga is both a workout of the body AND mind, we know it can help you to achieve your new years resolutions, and here’s how:

My goal for 2016 is to…

…Be more mindful
We all live busy lives, no matter what we do. Whether it is chasing after kids, working long hours at the office or simply trying to fit too much into our days- we all feel the pressure of the daily grind. For this reason, we know that ‘mindfulness’ will be a popular goal on the 2016 agenda. It is a widely known fact that practicing mindfulness and meditation for just a short time each day can greatly improve mental clarity and happiness levels. Yoga is the ultimate opportunity for mindfulness, as classes often incorporate breathing techniques and movement with thought- designed to help you chill out while working out!

…Improve My Fitness
Fitness, and yes, weight-loss are very common items on the to-do list for most people each year. This is a good thing because it means that we are aiming to make our health a priority! How can yoga help? Well, yoga is a workout in itself as it improves cardiovascular fitness while strengthening and toning the muscles- especially the core. However, we like to team yoga with other forms of fitness to get optimum results! Yoga increases flexibility and endurance levels, making other workouts easier and more enjoyable! We like to team our practice with regular visits to the gym, hikes and bike rides!

new years eve


Why not try the Peak Physique Hot Yoga 10-day yoga challenge? It starts on 15th January 2016- perfectly timed to give you a head start on your fitness goals!

There isn’t much point setting out to achieve an objective if you don’t have that key element- FOCUS. It is what drives us and keeps our eye on the target. With everything that goes on in life, it can be hard to remain focused on what is important to us and what we want to achieve. This is why we set an intention at the start of every yoga class- to clear the mind of clutter and bring our main objective back to our attention. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to choose an intention, define it and then use it as a point of focus for your yoga practices throughout 2016.

…Increase my flexibility
Newsflash: Staying flexible keeps you young! So why wouldn’t this be one of your goals for 2016!? While the years may come and go, staying limber slows down the aging process, makes exercise easier, prevents and improves injuries and generally makes you feel fit and fab! The best way to increase your flexibility? Yoga, of course! Yoga (and especially hot yoga) is essentially a deep and beneficial stretch, as well as a workout. So get stretching!

…Work on my health and nutrition
After all the end-of-year work breakup parties, Christmas day feasting and NYE drinks, it is no wonder that improving your diet may appear on your 2016 goals list. The good news? Yoga helps to decrease the appetite, aids in digestion and increases the metabolism. Win, win, win!

New years eve


Coming soon: The Peak Physique Hot Yoga 21 Day Detox Guide! Stay tuned!

…Challenge myself in new ways
To challenge yourself is to improve yourself- and yoga can help with this both physically and mentally. Whether it is running a marathon, doing a headstand or being more in-touch with your emotions and mental health, yoga is here to help! If you haven’t tried yoga before, why not make it that new way to challenge yourself? If you already practice yoga, then it is time to step it up! Hold your poses that little bit longer, focus on your breathing techniques or try a tricky pose- the potential is limitless!

Want to really challenge your inner yogi in 2016? Change your life by becoming a yoga teacher with our Peak Physique Hot Yoga 200-hour Teacher Training Program!
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Whatever your goals- big or small- we know that a consistent yoga practice will help you to achieve them, just like it did for us! We look forward to the positive changes and achievements we know we will be seeing within the Peak Physique Hot Yoga community in 2016!

Namaste and Happy New Year!!!
Mike & Suz ☺

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