6 ways to freshen up after a hot yoga class (ready for brunch!)

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If sweating it out at hot yoga and then rewarding yourself with a yummy café breakfast afterwards is your idea of a perfect Sunday morning, then you have that in common with us! Weekend breakfasts are a great way to catch up with friends and can be that extra motivation you need to avoid sleeping in! Hot yoga isn’t the best workout going around when it comes to appearances (think red faces, clothes dripping with sweat and hair in a mess!) and this just means that we have worked hard and detoxified our bodies! This is all well and good… until you need to go somewhere after class and don’t have time for a shower! Not to worry, we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for freshening up after a class!


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  1. Pack essential oils


Essential oils are a natural alternative to using baby-wipes or deodorant and can help keep any odors under wraps! Citrus scents smell great, peppermint has a cooling effect, lavender is uplifting and tea tree oil can be used on the underarms (after diluting!).


  1. Get braidin’

For anyone who has hair that gets a bit unruly during a hot yoga class (aka: everyone with hair) braids can be a good way to keep those locks in line and out of your face. Plus, your hair will be in order afer class, ready to sit down at even the fanciest of breakfast outings 😉


  1. Loosen up


Pack a spare pair of loose-fitting clothes for after class. We say loose-fitting because pulling tight jeans onto sweaty legs is another workout in itself! Putting on some fresh, dry clothes after a hot yoga class is the next best thing to having a shower.


  1. Clean dry towel x 2


Bring a towel to dry yourself off with and a spare one to put on your car seat. Nobody likes a sweaty car seat.


  1. Dry shampoo


Dry shampoo can be an absolute lifesaver for making hair look presentable. We know many of our student’s carry this in their yoga bags at all times – for emergencies! A hand hint – baby powder works just as well (and is a lot cheaper!). Just remember to wait for your hair to dry before applying any type of dry shampoo – it doesn’t mix with wet hair… we know from experience.


  1. Face spritz


Sometimes all you need is a little bit of freshening up and this DIY face and body spritzer will have you feeling rejuvenated and energised (and a whole lot cleaner!). It is also super hydrating for your skin, so perfect for after a class!


DIY Face Spritz

You will need:

1 spray bottle


1 green tea bag

Lavender essential oil

Tea tree essential oil




How to make:

Steep a cup of green tea in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Allow to cool completely.

Add the cooled green tea to the spray bottle, and then add the essential oils. Shake well and then add cool water to fill…. and spritz away!

You can experiment with which essential oils work best for your skin and it is a good idea to do a skin dab test before using any oils you haven’t used before 🙂


See you at brunch! 

Mike, Suz & the PPHY team

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