6 Reasons Why Winter = Hot Yoga Season!

When the rain starts falling and the the ugg boots come out, many workouts become a lot less desirable and motivation levels seem to get lost under the covers of our snug beds. Running shoes get left in the cupboard, bikes sit sad and still in the shed and Saturday morning walks get swapped for sleep-ins and warm coffee dates. For these reasons, winter is known for messing with many-a-workout regime and people often struggle to stick to their health and fitness goals….




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With our warm, toastie studios and instant sweat sessions, hot yoga is the ultimate winter workout. Because, let’s face it – a hot studio is much more appealing than facing the elements, and luckily for all us hot yogis, the practice also boasts a whole range of winter health benefits!


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  1. Motivation


This is the obvious one. When your alarm goes off at 5:30am and you’re nice and snug in your bed with the rain beating against the window… the weather is no longer an excuse to not workout! Your heated room awaits!


  1. Immune system


Hot yoga helps to cleanse the kidneys, improve liver function and activate the sweat glands – all great things when you’re avoiding those winter sniffles!


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  1. Weight-loss


We all know that ‘summer bodies’ are made during winter! So if weight-loss is one of your fitness goals, hot yoga provides a year-round workout to help you prevent winter weight-gain.


  1. Mental health


With less sun and lots of annoying rain and wind, winter can get us down emotionally. Everything seems just that little bit harder when it is cold, so a hot yoga session will not only warm up your body but also your heart and mind. Through meditation and a consistent yoga practice, everyone’s mental health can benefit hugely!


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  1. Flexibility


During winter, our muscles can feel tight and restricted from being cold and less active. Heat up and stretch out in the studio to stay limber through the cooler months!


  1. Circulation


Cold fingers and toes? You may have some issues with your circulation! Get that blood pumping to your extremities in a hot yoga class! It will warm up your feet better than your ugg boots can!


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So come and warm up in the studio! When is your next sweat-sesh scheduled? Click here to book in at your favourite PPHY studio!

Mike & Suz 🙂


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